Free Halloween Bingo Cards

Halloween is a great time for families to take a little break from the bustle of the early school year and have some fun.  And what more fun than playing some spooky-themed bingo with candy as the prizes?  It makes for an excellent classroom activity as well — you can fit it into the week’s lesson plan no matter how busy you are, it is engaging and supports any number of players, and the fast paced energetic nature helps with kids who might have just a wee bit of a sugar rush.

Our bingo-loving goblins have labored day and night to make a trick or treat for you: free printable Halloween Bingo Cards.

There are 8 cards, printed 4 to a sheet to save paper.  They each look substantially like this:

Halloween Bingo Card

Download Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

You can customize the cards yourself or download the cards right now. (You also might want to print a call list.)

They are in PDF format.  Your computer can probably print them out already, but if not, go get a copy of Acrobat Reader (free).  After that all you need to do is cut out and play!

Make Bingo Games About Any Subject

Sign up for the free online trial of Bingo Card Creator or download the Bingo Card Creator software and you can make word bingo games about any subject you want.  Every card ends up unique, perfect for when you need lots of them in a hurry.  (The free trial will let you print out 8 cards, the registered version has no limit.)

If you want to customize Halloween word bingo with Bingo Card Creator, choose the Halloween word list from under the Wizards -> Fun Activities -> Holidays menu.

How To Play Halloween Bingo

1)  Everyone marks off their free space.  You can use a writing utensil for marking, but being as it is Halloween and all, small (wrapped!) candies work just as well.  (And then everyone is a winner… including your local dentist!)

2)  One person calls off one word from the card at a time.  You can either cut one card up and put the bits in a hat, then draw from the hat, or just use a word list put in random order like this one.

3)  When a player fills a row, diagonal, or column, they should stand up and shout “Bingo!”  If you have called all the words they marked, they win.  You can give them a small treat (maybe first crack at the candied apples, or they get to start carving the Jack O’ Lantern).  You can play for multiple winners.